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Thank you to all who joined us for a successful first Supporters’ Network event. These events are a means to facilitate important conversations surrounding topics that affect all employers in Greater Manchester. The theme of this event was mental health and wellbeing, with guest speaker Stewart Lucas from Mind in Greater Manchester.

Stewart emphasised the need to rid society, and specifically the workplace, of outdated ideas surrounding mental health. By reflecting on their own wellbeing and relationship with mental health, our Supporters can begin to better understand the needs of their employees. In doing so, they will be well equipped to offer the necessary support and reasonable adjustments to build a resilient workforce.

While mental health can seem a daunting subject to approach, you can start the conversion with a simple question: How are you? As Stewart remarked, “there is nothing wrong with asking the question, but remember it’s their right whether or not to answer.” It is crucial to understand that everyone’s mental health journey is different. The most easily actionable takeaway for our Supporters was to engage in active listening. Stewart reassured us that you don’t have to have all the answers, but if you offer a supportive environment and actively listen when someone is ready is share – this can make all the difference.

If you missed out on this event you can find the slide deck from Stewart Lucas’ presentation below. Mind in Greater Manchester offer presentations as well as a range of full-day courses on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace for colleagues, line managers and senior managers. Please visit or contact Danielle Partington for further details. Additionally, you can visit for a host of downloadable support tools and resources.

As Ian MacArthur, Head of the Charter Implementation Unit put it, “Good employment does not shy away from mental health.”

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