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Our Vision

Greater Manchester as a leading exemplar of good employment in the UK, a place where people have equal access to quality work that is inclusive, fairly compensated, offers security and flexibility and cultivates an environment where health and wellbeing thrives.


Our Mission

To achieve our vision for Greater Manchester by supporting all employers in the city region regardless of size, sector, or location, to improve employment standards through the framework of the Charter.

Impact of the Movement


Improving people's lives by supporting their employers to offer roles that provide better opportunities for them to grow, develop, and thrive in the workplace.


Contributing to a societal shift in the importance placed on the value and quality of work that is available, leaving 'any work is good work' behind.


Making the business case for good employment - proving that treating people well isn't just 'right' to do, it enables employers to achieve more, contributing to a thriving economy.

Scale of the Movement

450+ Employers Engaged

Employers engaged in the process of becoming a Supporter.


262 Supporters

Employers that have made the commitment to good employment.


230,000 Employees

Employees covered by Supporters and Members.


34 Members

Supporters of the Charter that have achieved Member status.