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Supporter Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Supporter of the Charter! In order to become a recognised Supporter, please fill in the registration form below. You are making a commitment to improving practice across all characteristics of the Charter, this is outlined in the Supporter Commitment. Our Membership Criteria is what Supporters then aspire to adhere to, but may be helpful to look at while filling out your registration form to see what evidence will be accepted or to establish areas for improvement. All of these documents, along with a downloadable registration form, can be found here. You can download the registration form to work on offline as it may take some time to complete; it asks for a detailed account of your practices and areas for improvement in all seven characteristics of the Charter – however, completed registration forms can only be accepted through the online form below.

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This document will be for internal use only and the information provided will be treated in confidence and not shared publicly.