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Building Inclusive Workplaces: A Journey with GM Good Employers and DISC Interns

In this blog, Phil Arnold talks about committing to long-term equality, diversity and inclusion practices and how it is effective by sharing a Digital Independent Specialist College (DISC) Manchester case study.

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A new & effective solution for workplace savings: the long-sought answer to financial resilience for employees

Discover how "Autosave," an innovative approach inspired by successful pension auto-enrolment, can enhance financial resilience for British workers. This opt-out savings model is currently being trialed by major employers, showing impressive results that could revolutionize workplace savings. Explore the history of auto-enrolment in pensions and its staggering success in boosting participation and real-terms pension savings. Learn how Autosave addresses the lack of savings, stress, and poor mental health among employees, making it a promising solution.

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The Business Benefits of paying the Real Living Wage | Video launched in Living Wage Week

Members of the Charter Adept Corporate Services, Carrs Pasties and Seddon Construction have backed paying the Real Living Wage in a video released today (6th November) to mark Living Wage Week. Better recruitment, retention and profits are just some of the benefits cited by the three firms who have signed up to the voluntary Real Living Wage scheme.

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Employers must embrace AI, not fear it | CIPD

Head of CIPD in Northern England, Daphne Doody-Green, talks about AI in the workplace and how we should embrace Artificial Intelligence, not fear it. Read more about keeping up with AI, why we shouldn't be scared of AI taking our jobs and further guidance for employers.

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New Members Announcement | Over 100 Members join the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, extends his gratitude to the new Members of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. He acknowledges their dedication to upholding good employment practices throughout the challenges of the past year.

He also celebrates that the total Member count of the Charter is now over 100. Achieving Membership is no small feat, and this number is testament to the growth of the Charter, which could only have been achieved with the support and commitment of organisations across our city-region, as well as the hard work of the Charter team, the Technical Panel and Board.

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Managing pregnancy, maternity and parental leave in the workplace | Maternity Action

If you’re managing staff who are expectant or new parents, you might have questions about the support you should be providing as a manager. Or, you could be wondering how you find out more about the pay and leave entitlements available for employees who are expanding their family. Maternity Action’s new toolkit on managing maternity in the workplace makes it easier for employers to find the answers and understand their legal requirements when supporting new and expectant parents.

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Ending Homelessness, one person at a time | Standing Tall

In the UK today, thousands of people are experiencing homelessness or insecure housing. When you think of homelessness, you might think of people sleeping rough who have substance misuse or mental health issues. There are people in Manchester today who fit that description. But there are also people who have lost their home through a relationship breakdown, or became homeless having fled their country as a refugee, or who lost their job and simply couldn’t find another one fast enough. Hear from Standing Tall about their plan to end homelessness one person at a time.

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Breaking the link between money and mental health problems | The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute

It’s perhaps unsurprising that those of us with money problems are more likely to be struggling with our mental health. The stress and worry that can come from not having enough to make ends meet can take a massive toll. But this relationship works both ways: having a mental health problem can also mean we’re more likely to be in financial difficulty.

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Creating a Culture of Care: Job Satisfaction in Life-Saving Professions | Boo Coaching & Consulting

There are many elements contributing to job satisfaction. Loving your work, being good at your job and doing something the world needs are all powerful incentives to show up and do your best each day.