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Charity Business Relationships – A New Paradigm | Purepages

Discover insights on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and charity-business relationships in the UK, written by Mike Phillips, Managing Director of Purepages. Learn about the evolving dynamics, from relevant partnerships to the importance of Social Impact Statements (SIS) and effective fundraising strategies. Explore how businesses can make a positive impact on communities while enhancing their brand image.

A group of workers sat around a table.

Unlocking Potential: Prioritising Neurodiversity in the Workplace | Autistica

Discover why prioritising neurodiversity in the workplace is crucial for creating inclusive environments where every individual can thrive. Learn about the benefits, challenges, and strategies for supporting neurodiverse teams. Join the movement towards a more inclusive future.

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New Members Announcement | The first NHS Foundation Trust gains Membership

Discover the latest additions to the Greater Manchester good employment movement, making a positive impact on over 20,000 employees. Among them are two NHS organisations, with one being the first NHS Foundation Trust to join. Witness this significant milestone for Greater Manchester and the health and social care sector.

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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week | My Apprenticeship Journey at Datesand

Discover the transformative journey of an apprentice as they reflect on their experience during National Apprenticeship Week 2024. Explore insights into skills development, workplace challenges, and the impact of fair wages, showcasing the value of apprenticeships for both individuals and businesses.

A group of workers sat around a laptop.

The Changing Landscape of Flexible Working | Acas

Explore the future of work—driven by a surge in demand for flexibility. Spring 2024 brings legislative reforms, making flexible working the default. Acas offers the 'Flex at Work' Toolkit and a Code of Practice for positive employer approaches. Embrace workplace flexibility for good work and join Acas's campaign.

A Year to Reimagine | Looking towards 2024 from the Director of the Charter

This blog reflects on how the Charter has adapted to challenges from Brexit and COVID-19. In 2024, the focus is on equity, technology's role, and promoting fairness at work. The blog provides insights into the 2024 Good Employment Week, highlighting the ongoing commitment to social justice and 'good work for all.'

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New Members Announcement | All 10 Greater Manchester Local Authorities are now Members

Sharon Amesu, Board Member of the Charter, extends her gratitude to the new Members of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. She celebrates the achievements of the new Members, and in particular the milestone that all 10 local authorities are now accredited.

A group of workers sat around a laptop.

Building Inclusive Workplaces: A Journey with GM Good Employers and DISC Interns

In this blog, Phil Arnold talks about committing to long-term equality, diversity and inclusion practices and how it is effective by sharing a Digital Independent Specialist College (DISC) Manchester case study.

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A new & effective solution for workplace savings: the long-sought answer to financial resilience for employees

Discover how "Autosave," an innovative approach inspired by successful pension auto-enrolment, can enhance financial resilience for British workers. This opt-out savings model is currently being trialed by major employers, showing impressive results that could revolutionize workplace savings. Explore the history of auto-enrolment in pensions and its staggering success in boosting participation and real-terms pension savings. Learn how Autosave addresses the lack of savings, stress, and poor mental health among employees, making it a promising solution.