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The city region’s Good Employment Charter encourages and supports employers to develop good jobs, deliver opportunities for people to progress, and help employers to grow and succeed.

The model for the Charter has been co-designed by business owners, employers, Trade Unions and employees from across Greater Manchester, and involved two public consultations to develop and agree the proposals.

Employers will be supported to raise standards across a number of areas, including secure work, a real living wage and excellent recruitment and progression, with a tiered approach to help them progress.

The Charter will be embedded in public procurement through the city region’s social value framework – which gives additional weighting to bids delivering social value in procurement processes. Businesses receiving investment through GMCA’s investment funds will also be required to become supporters of the Charter. 

Employers play a significant part in the lives of the people working for them. Not only can they support the health, safety and development of their staff but they can also ensure that they are fairly treated and rewarded. As a result, being part of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter can help improve the performance and success of their organisation, realise numerous business benefits and ensure employees reach their full potential.

Employers of all sizes and from all sectors can sign up as Supporters of the Charter. They need to commit to working to improve their employment practice across the seven good work characteristics. They should also set out, through the registration form, the activities and progress they aim to make in these areas. Supporters will be able to access network information resources and attend monthly events where they can learn, exchange good practice with other employers and help develop the Charter. Supporters will be reviewed annually to ensure that progress is being made towards improved standards and practice. Supporters will also be able to contribute to the development of the ‘membership’ standards through to November 2019.

Any organisation that is based in Greater Manchester and is an employer can join the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. This includes businesses, public sector bodies, service providers, the third sector, and voluntary and community organisations.

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is made up of three member tiers: Supporters, Members and Advocates. Read more here.

Employers who register to become a Supporter will be the subject of an annual review of progress, where they will be required to demonstrate how they are working towards – and achieving – improved employment practice. There will also be some elements of self-assessment. The purpose of this process is to ensure commitment towards the seven characteristics of employment that make up the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. However, the Charter is a journey, rather than simply an assessment at a single point in time.

The GMCA is made up of the ten Greater Manchester councils and the Mayor, who work with local services, businesses, communities and other partners to improve the city region.

The ten councils (Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan) have worked together voluntarily for many years on issues that affect everyone in the region, like transport, regeneration, and attracting investment.

We recognise that some organisations, particularly smaller employers or SMEs, might need additional support to achieve the characteristics of the Charter. Organistions will therefore be assessed on a case by case basis, to ensure no one organisation is unfairly excluded from Charter membership.

We appreciate that there are a number of existing employment standards that deal with a wide range of employment characteristics. It is not the intention of the Charter to replace these, rather they will provide strong evidence to support Charter membership. For other local Charters, such as the Salford City Mayor’s Employment Charter, mutual recognition will be adopted for members.

Supporters will be able to access network information resources and attend monthly events where they can learn, exchange good practice with other employers and help develop the Charter. The information resources will grow over time providing sign-posting to standards, support services across Greater Manchester as well as links to events and training courses.


Get in touch now to register your interest in the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter