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Documents employers need along their good employment journey with the Charter.

Charter Brochure

The Charter brochure introduces the Charter and its characteristics. To share with employers not yet involved with the Charter, in order to grow the good employment movement.

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Supporter Commitment

The Supporter Commitment outlines the commitment employers need to make across all characteristics of the Charter in order to become a Supporter. 

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Supporter Registration Form (Offline)

The Supporter Registration Form must be completed in order for employers to be recognised as Supporters of the Charter. This document allows you to work on the registration form offline, as it may take some time to complete; it asks for a detailed account of your practices and areas for improvement in all characteristics of the Charter. All completed forms can only be accepted through the online Supporter Registration Form.

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Supporter Registration Form (Online)

Registration forms from employers looking to become Supporters can only be accepted through this online form. 

Membership Criteria

For employers that have signed up as Supporters of the Charter, in order to become Members of the Charter, the Membership Criteria must be met in all characteristics of good employment. 

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Employee Guide: Working for a Charter Member

This page outlines what it means for employees to be working for a Member of the Charter, and what they can expect from their employer. This information is also available to download in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Polish, Punjabi, Somali, and Urdu.