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At the Charter we recognise good employment is a journey, not a destination. We support employers wherever they are on their journey – whether it’s committing to raising standards, developing good employment, elevating practices further, or mentoring others to do the same.


Become a Supporter of the Charter by making a written commitment that highlights where your practices currently are in the seven characteristics of good employment and how you plan to make improvements. To get involved as a Supporter you do not need to meet all the criteria of the characteristics, but you must commit to improving practices in all.


Engage with the Supporters’ Network of the Charter by attending events aimed to introduce different elements of good employment, educate with practical and easily implementable takeaways, and inspire with innovative practice and proven benefits. Strive to incorporate better employment across all the Charter’s characteristics by accessing resources and support services that are available to Supporters across GM, tailored to employers depending on their size, sector or location.


All employers begin their journey as a Supporter, then they can move on to Member status by meeting the set criteria for all seven characteristics of good employment. While meeting membership criteria is evidence of good employment practices, it is not the end of the journey and Members will be expected to continue to elevate practices in the characteristics. New Members will be put forward by the Charter Unit on a quarterly basis.

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