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Sacha Lord, Greater Manchester’s Night-Time Economy Adviser and Lou Cordwell, Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership Chair are calling on hospitality employers to become part of Greater Manchester’s ground-breaking Good Employment Charter. Being part of the Good Employment movement can attract and retain staff through a clear commitment to working towards fair pay, secure work, and fostering employee health and wellbeing.

To support the hospitality industry, the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter will work with employers to help them on their journey. By joining the Charter as a Supporter, employers commit to improving their employment practice. Employers can join without having dedicated policies for each of the Charters 7 characteristics, but show a willingness to work towards improving practice. The characteristics are:

  • Extending Secure Work
  • Extending Flexible Work
  • Working Towards Paying a Real Living Wage
  • Improving Workplace Engagement & Voice
  • Developing Excellent Recruitment Practices
  • Improving People Management
  • Fostering Employee Health & Wellbeing

The Charter’s vision is for Greater Manchester to be recognised as a place where people are paid fairly for their work, treated appropriately, and provided with inclusive opportunity. They also want to see the city region’s economy thrive, with organisations that are productive and effective at the heart of it. As the fifth biggest industry in the UK, the night-time economy employs approx. 10% of the nation’s workforce. And working with the Charter will allow Greater Manchester’s operators to enjoy the benefits of being recognised for their commitment to good employment.

Ian MacArthur, Director of the Greater Manchester Good Employment, said:

“Through our Supporters’ Network, the Charter team offers a broad range of resources and content to assist employers to improve their employment practices and attract and retain staff. We recognise that right now this is particularly important for the hospitality industry, and we are determined, in partnership, to create dedicated support that will help it rebuild after the impacts of the pandemic.”

The hospitality industry is on a path to recovery, after three lockdowns and multiple restrictions. However, several bars, restaurants and venues are facing difficulties in filling open positions to meet customer demands. Many EU nationals previously employed are now unable to work in the UK and thousands of experienced staff have left the industry.

Sacha Lord, Night-Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester, said:

“It is time to raise standards and ensure fair pay in our hospitality sector. As we rebuild from the devastating effects of Covid and Brexit on the sector, we can't expect the youngest and hardest hit by the pandemic to be satisfied with minimum wage roles, when they can earn higher salaries elsewhere in office work or in retail. Greater Manchester is already a becoming leader in Good Employment within so many sectors thanks to our Good Employment Charter. The Charter supports employers to improve conditions for their employees, like paying the Real Living Wage, providing more flexible work and developing excellent recruitment practices. I believe our hospitality businesses now need to get on board and be at the forefront of Good Employment. Attracting the right people to our sector is critical to its survival and I believe this is the way to do it.”

Prior to COVID-19, the sector supported a third of the city-region's workforce, but many part-time workers earned less than the Real Living Wage. Employers can begin to attract more people to open positions and grow their businesses, by working with the Charter. This will also help to make Greater Manchester lead the way to good employment and be an exemplar of how the sector recovers in the UK.

Lou Cordwell, Chair of the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership (GM LEP), said:

“What the hospitality industry is now experiencing is nothing short of a staffing crisis. Hospitality is a fantastic sector to work in and Greater Manchester is full of brilliant venues and operators, but after almost 18 months of difficulty and uncertainty, jobseekers are understandably looking elsewhere.

The best way businesses can address it is to set a new standard, and this starts with offering fair pay, secure work, better conditions and more opportunities to progress. That’s why we’re calling on employers to show they are committed to offering fair and secure work by becoming Supporters of the Good Employment Charter.”

Being a Supporter of the Charter can help employers to improve workers’ lives by supporting employers to provide better opportunities, placing importance on the value and quality of work, and enabling employers to achieve more, contributing to a thriving economy. Also, engaging with the Charter offers a variety of long-term benefits. Joining the movement will open doors to their wider Supporters’ Network, where like-minded employers discuss and share good employment practice. Charter Supporters’ can also attend regular events, access exclusive resources, and receive specialised support from Good Employment Advisors.

To find out how you can become recognised as a Charter Supporter, please fill out this quick and simple form and a member of the team will be in touch to understand your ambitions and begin your Good Employment journey.

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