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The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, in partnership with CIPD and Acas, held a virtual roundtable following the release of its recent paper.

This Roundtable brought together a range of Greater Manchester employers. Discussions explored the management challenges the pandemic has presented and that lie ahead as the economy recovers. Sharing their experiences, the conversation focussed on the five key behavioural traits identified in the guide, that all managers need to both engage their employees in productive work and support their health and wellbeing:

  1. Being open, fair and consistent.
  2. Handling conflict and problems. 
  3. Providing knowledge, clarity, and guidance. 
  4. Building and sustaining relationships. 
  5. Supporting development. 

The roundtable was hosted by Robbie Hurley, Media Manager for Acas. And the employers, also Supporters' and Members' of the Charter, who joined us were: 

Download the full roundtable discussion here.

For more in-depth information and precise findings, download the full guide this conversation dwells on here.

Organisations are invited to sign up to the Charter’s Supporters’ Network. As a Supporter, employers will begin their journey to improve their employment practices and will be provided with fully funded support and resources. To find out more, you can visit our website.

The aim of the Good Employment Charter is to improve employment standards across Greater Manchester and contribute towards a thriving and productive economy. You can access our resources here.