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The Good Practice Power Hour is a chance to hear examples of good employment practice from different employers, each covering a different characteristic of the Good Employment Charter.


Health and Wellbeing - Live More Offline

As spoken by Alessandra La Via, Founder


Have you ever checked your work e-mails outside working hours? We're becoming more reliant with technology that the number one cause of digital wellbeing is the inability to unplug from the normal working day. For example, on average, employees lose 80 minutes-a-week to ineffective video call practices.

Alex discusses the instant improvements to co-create a new culture that brings in changes, like being a role model and changing the perspective of colleagues through open discussion, together as a team.

Digital wellbeing requires changes in work styles, avoiding burnout and changing meeting cultures.


Recruitment - Osborne Thomas

As spoken by Kate Wilson, Business Development Manager, alongside Zelakah Murphy, Project Manager


Recruitment in any organisation is the make or break of a candidate joining. In October 2023, Office for National Statistics revealed that 71% of candidates drop out of a recruitment process. This could be various factors like; the process was taking too long, it was too complicated or the organisation is non-inclusive. Yet only 9% of employing organisations think their recruitment processes are complicated.

Osborne Thomas has seen that when employers are attentive, proactive, supportive and provide information when asked, beat their competitors when recruiting candidates.

Employers are also advised to go through their own recruitment process, applying for a job in their own company, to see what the process looks like and how candidates are treated.


Some good recruitment practices that are recommended were:


  • Let the candidates know you have received their application within 48 hours
  • Communicate and provide feedback at every stage of the process
  • Have a two-stage interview process maximum




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