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The Good Practice Power Hour is a chance to hear examples of good employment practice from different employers, each covering a different characteristic of the Good Employment Charter.


Flexible Work - Social

As spoken by John Quinton-Barber, Founder and CEO


Social have been championing their ‘Life Happens’ work practice since 2016 – a practice that supports colleagues that need time-off work due to domestic day-to-day challenges or ‘whatever life throws at you’ – now embedded into their ethos.

Whatever the challenge you are facing – that takes priority, with full pay and colleague support behind you. This practice puts people first, instead of profit, looking after colleagues in the team and allowing for days-off when crucially needed.

The ‘Life Happens’ practice works based on trust and line manager support, having regular one-to-ones, allowing for a real openness of culture within the organisation.

Adapting to the cost-of-crisis, Social has also introduced a ‘Life Happens Interest Free Loan’ scheme – supporting colleagues that are going through a 'life happens' moment.


Engagement and Voice - Howorth Air Technology

As spoken by Jim Liptrot, Managing Director


Howorth Air Technology understands that putting people first is key to sharing engagement and voice ‘the Howorth Way’.

Using a three-step method; ‘engage, develop and support’, Howorth Air Technology introduced external and internal engagement surveys that helps understand where they can support their colleagues, listen to their concerns and ideas through regular briefs with their team.

Howorth then ensures of a development review – understanding what academic and practical training each individual needs and wants to further their own development within the organisation.

Putting colleagues first, Howorth also supports with mental health and wellbeing, mentoring, career development and ensuring they are valued at Howorth.

Sticking to their core values internally, these are embedded into their supply pipeline, ensuring they only work with people-driven organisations.




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