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The Good Practice Power Hour is a chance to hear examples of good employment practice from different employers, each covering a different characteristic of the Good Employment Charter.


Flexible Work - Koderly

As spoken by Rebecca Lawton, Head of Partnerships and Marketing

At Koderly, our flexible working policy provides employees with autonomy over their working hours, allowing them to work their 35-hours from 7am – 9pm on weekdays, with a maximum of 10-hours per working day, improving flexibility and promoting a health work-life balance. To make sure that we can effectively support our customers, we designed a five-hour shift system covering our core business hours, and, on average, each employee works one shift per week.

A recent update to our flexible working policy allows employees to book sickness absence by the hour instead of taking a full or halfday. As we have a hybrid working policy, employees need to work 11-hours in the office per week, and the rest of the time they can work where they feel most productive. We also offer employees one “Shield Day” per month, which allows employees to voluntarily extend their work week into the weekend, protecting their holiday allowance. The impact of our policies has improved productivity, recruitment and retention, and reduced sickness absence.

Health and Wellbeing - TLC: Talk, Listen, Change

As spoken by Anna Callaghan, Director of Services 

We recognised that creating a strong visible domestic abuse policy sends a strong message to our employees that we are aware of the issue, its devastating impact and want to listen and support them. Our domestic abuse policy is tailored to our organisation and covers the definitions of domestic abuse; recognising signs of abuse in the workplace; managing disclosures; safety planning; additional annual leave; flexible working; emotional support and consideration of workload adjustments; and training and support for line managers to help them understand the remit of their role and when to refer to specialist support.

We have information on local specialist support services, which can be accessed discreetly by everyone at all times. As a result of the policy, our employees have a critical lifeline and know we care about all aspects of their life and wellbeing.

People Management - Great Places Housing Group

As spoken by Elaine Johnson, Director of People

We decided to remove yearly appraisals for all employees as they had fallen into disrepute. They were all about the completion of paperwork and the rating score at the end. We wanted to shift our focus to the quality of the conversation ensuring managers demonstrated how they valued every individual’s unique contribution and supported career aspirations while trying also putting a system in place which measured the value for money of the pay bill.

Managers were trained to have regular ‘Great Conversations’ which focused on being present, being purposeful and being powerful. Without the restriction of the same set of appraisal form questions, managers were really able to get to know their team better and support individual career development or performance. Employees felt energised by this new approach receiving great feedback which allowed them to excel in their roles.




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