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Reopening Workplaces: Planning with Safety at the Forefront | Supporters Network Webinar

As we continue to reopen workplaces, there are many considerations and adjustments that need to be made. Being prepared for the various and ever changing measures to re-opening safely is vital. Our last Supporters Network Webinar was on this topic; speakers offered guidance and answered questions using their various areas of expertise in environmental health, transport, workers’ rights and implementation of the measures.

Employee Voice: Importance of Collaboration in Challenging Times | Supporters Network Webinar

To build back better on an organisational level, we will need to take a collaborative approach and recognise the importance of employee engagement and voice. Including employees in planning and decision-making processes, especially when reopening the workplace, is undoubtedly the best way forward. Our recent Supporters Network Webinar spoke on these topics, where we discussed how employers can harness the power of people within their organisation to overcome the challenges faced during this time.

Equality Issues: Supporting Disabled People in the Workforce | Supporters Network Webinar

Disabled people face many barriers, both in recruitment and in the workplace. Especially amid the current pandemic, there is significant risk that employers intensify this through lack of consideration and proactive policy when reopening. We ran our second Equality Issues Supporters Network Webinar on this topic, where we equipped Supporters with the knowledge to properly support disabled people in their workforce during this time and moving forward. 

People Management: Changing Landscape During and Post-Lockdown | Supporters Network Webinar

Excellent people management has been vital to organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, with challenges arising as our workplaces have changed form. In partnership with CIPD, the professional body for experts of people in work, we ran a Supporters’ Network Webinar exploring People Management in different and continually changing circumstances. 

Equality Issues: The BAME Community and Pay Disparities | Supporters Network Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed inequalities, both in and outside of the workplace. Employers need to create plans to tackle this, ensuring that their approaches do not disproportionately affect people, or undo progress made in these areas prior to the pandemic. Our latest Supporters’ Network Webinar focused specifically on the BAME community, key workers and the real living wage, and pay equity among leaders and their workforce.

Home Working | Supporters Network Webinar

Many organisations adopted home working as a rapid response to the crisis, but it is becoming clear that this is now a longer-term situation. Speakers in our recent Supporters’ Network Webinar offered advice on home working, both in terms of employees coping from an ergonomic and mental health perspective, and in terms of effective remote management.