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The Onboarding Process | Good Employment Week

What can you do as an employer on the first days and weeks to help your new hire feel included? In this Good Employment Week blog, we hear from Adrian Bird, Head of Aspire in Partnership, The Growth Company Employment. They speak on a number of onboarding tips for the benefit of employers wanting to recruit and retain staff more effectively.

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Good Employment Week Partner Pack

Good Employment Week is an annual week of activities, that aims to raise awareness of good employment across the city-region. It will take place 19th-24th June 2023.

For our inaugural year, we are engaging with employees – and asking the question ‘how good is your job?’ through a short, interactive quiz.

We want to raise awareness on what good work looks like and share information on the employment standards that the people of Greater Manchester deserve.

Whitworth Hall filled with guests for Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter's Good Employment Awards 2023

Good Employment Awards 2023

Businesses and individuals came together at the second annual Greater Manchester Good Employment Awards to recognise commitments to equality, fair pay, and equity.

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How to Do More With Your Workplace Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Endeavours: Creating Truly Authentic, Meaningful Change | Manchester Pride

Workplace equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) has become an increasingly prioritised area across every sector and industry in the UK. In this blog, we hear from Christopher Owen from Manchester Pride. In this blog, they speak on what is the root cause of inequality and exclusion and what is the actual problem workplace EDI endeavours should address.

Two women standing at a whiteboard, writing something and looking happy.

Why Gender Diversity in the Workplace Matters | Aspire in Partnership

Gender diversity in the workplace has become an increasingly important issue in recent years, and for good reason. In this blog, we hear from Adrian Bird from Aspire in Partnership. In this blog, they speak on the real business benefits of gender diversity, and offers 7 practical steps to take in the right direction.

Male character saying 'I TEST' for National HIV Testing Week 2023

National HIV Testing Week 2023

This year’s National HIV Testing Week, starting on Monday the 6th of February 2023, is the perfect time for everyone to check their status and learn more about where we’re up to with HIV today, across Greater Manchester. Written by Reece Boulton, Sexual Health Officer for the LGBT Foundation; our guest blog brings awareness to HIV, alongside National HIV Testing Week 2023.

Group of people engaged around a laptop smiling

Is your workforce missing the basic digital skills your organisation needs to be future proof? | FutureDotNow

When talking about gaps in digital skills, many employers may automatically think of the skills needed to do advanced tasks such as software development and data analysis. Written by Liz Williams MBE, CEO FutureDotNow; our guest blog covers the importance of giving your colleagues the confidence and training they need to succeed in the digital age.

Talking about the Unthinkable | The Good Employment Charter

Talking about the Unthinkable | Bee Seen, Get Screened

How employers can be supportive of cancer in a working environment. Written by Jacqui Naraynsingh, Campaign Leader for Answer Cancer's Greater Manchester Cancer Screening Engagement Programme 'Bee Seen, Get Screened'; bringing employer cancer screening support in workplaces forward.

World AIDS Day 2022 | The Good Employment Charter

World Aids Day 2022

What employers can do to support employees living with HIV? Written by Joe Tanzer, Community Engagement Worker for BHA for Equality; this guest article brings conversation of HIV in the Workplace forward for World AIDS day 2022.