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Supporting Staff at Risk of Redundancy: Reskilling Your Workforce | Transition to Teach

Guest contributor Joanne Holland, Employer Engagement Manager at Transition to Teach, discusses this funded programme delivered by Cognition Education. It offers free support to businesses and their employees in order to raise awareness of teaching as a credible alternative to those who may be facing redundancy, coming to the end of their contract or taking early retirement.

Financial Wellbeing: Addressing Economic Burdens of the Workforce | Supporters Network Webinar

With recent lockdowns and tier system restrictions, many of us have experienced change and uncertainties around what the future might bring. Financial insecurity can be a big part of this. Our January Supporters Network Webinar was on the topic of financial wellbeing, and how employers can create actionable plans to address the financial burdens of their workforce. 

The Social Mobility Challenge: A Vital Part of Good Employment Practice | Anthony Collins Solicitors

Guest contributor Alice Kinder, Solicitor at Anthony Collins Solicitors, discusses social mobility in our latest blog. As the world seeks to overcome the economic effects of the pandemic, many organisations are recognising the need to become more innovative and creative in their strategies. An important ingredient in this is diversity of thought, drawn from encouraging a diverse pool of talent. How can this be achieved?

Age Friendly Employment: Supporting and Valuing Older Workers | Supporters Network Webinar

Our recent Supporters Network Webinar was on the topic of age-friendly employment, and looked specifically at how employees over 50 can be supported and valued – sharing ideas and good practice to overcome potential issues. This was delivered with speakers from the Centre for Ageing Better, Rest Less and Electricity North West. This blog details the key findings from the event, alongside resources including the presentation slides, and full video recording. 

Chat Roulette: Connecting Colleagues | Sharing Snippets of Good Practice

Guest contributor Alexia Rhodes details a snippet of good practice from the Business Growth Hub. Like many firms over the last 9 months, all Business Growth Hub employees have been working from home since the outbreak of the pandemic. We had a wonderful office environment and many of us missed seeing familiar faces and having informal catch-ups and chats over a coffee. Our office space had no fixed desks for staff which meant that you could be sat next to someone new each day, which allowed staff to get to know people from other areas of the business and not just their team.

Hospitality Support Session: Employment Law Updates | Supporters Network Webinar

For employers in the hospitality sector, it is an incredibly challenging time on many fronts. While furlough may seem on the surface to be a simple fix, we recognise that furlough isn’t free for employers – and for those making tough decisions, it may be difficult to find the balance between seeking immediate solutions and considering the potential long-term impact. Our last Supporters Network Webinar was a hospitality support session, delivered in partnership with Acas.

In Conversation With Joeli Brearley: Pregnant then Screwed | Supporters Network Webinar

Joeli Brearley is the founder of charity and campaigning group, Pregnant then Screwed, which works to end the motherhood penalty and supports mothers who face discrimination. Our recent ‘In Conversation with: Joeli Brearley’ event covered the barriers and discrimination pregnant and working mothers experienced before the pandemic hit, and how those have changed or amplified during this time. She shared with employers best practice lessons, areas for consideration, and the strong business case for addressing these issues.

Getting Accredited: Exploring Challenges to Pay the Real Living Wage | Supporters Network Webinar

While many aspects of our lives have changed this year, a hard day’s work still deserves a fair day’s pay. The business case for paying the real living wage hasn’t changed, but we recognise and acknowledge that the context has. Our latest Supporters Network Webinar, in partnership with the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign, was on the topic of living wage accreditation in the current climate. Our panel - made up of representatives of the Living Wage campaign, employers who have been through the process and a trade union voice, provided guidance through accreditation.

Coffee Chat: Mental Wellbeing | Supporters Network Webinar

Even in normal times, employee health and wellbeing is a top priority for Good Employers. However, additional challenges have presented themselves in recent months, as we learn more about the wider health impacts of Covid-19. In addition to the virus itself, this includes the impact of different lifestyles, activity levels, nutritional habits and methods of working on the physical and mental health of employees. With this in mind, our recent Supporters Network Event was on mental wellbeing – partnered with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.