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In Conversation With Joeli Brearley: Pregnant then Screwed | Supporters Network Webinar

Joeli Brearley is the founder of charity and campaigning group, Pregnant then Screwed, which works to end the motherhood penalty and supports mothers who face discrimination. Our recent ‘In Conversation with: Joeli Brearley’ event covered the barriers and discrimination pregnant and working mothers experienced before the pandemic hit, and how those have changed or amplified during this time. She shared with employers best practice lessons, areas for consideration, and the strong business case for addressing these issues.

Getting Accredited: Exploring Challenges to Pay the Real Living Wage | Supporters Network Webinar

While many aspects of our lives have changed this year, a hard day’s work still deserves a fair day’s pay. The business case for paying the real living wage hasn’t changed, but we recognise and acknowledge that the context has. Our latest Supporters Network Webinar, in partnership with the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign, was on the topic of living wage accreditation in the current climate. Our panel - made up of representatives of the Living Wage campaign, employers who have been through the process and a trade union voice, provided guidance through accreditation.

Coffee Chat: Mental Wellbeing | Supporters Network Webinar

Even in normal times, employee health and wellbeing is a top priority for Good Employers. However, additional challenges have presented themselves in recent months, as we learn more about the wider health impacts of Covid-19. In addition to the virus itself, this includes the impact of different lifestyles, activity levels, nutritional habits and methods of working on the physical and mental health of employees. With this in mind, our recent Supporters Network Event was on mental wellbeing – partnered with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

Employing Autistic and Learning Disabled People: Key Benefits | The Greater Manchester Autism Consortium

Since February 2020, the Greater Manchester Autism Consortium has been running a campaign called the Greater Manchester Enabling Employment Campaign. This campaign has a single aim, to raise awareness of the strengths and gifts of autistic and learning disabled people within the workplace. The strengths are not only corporate social responsibility, or filling equality and diversity policies, but your business and organisation benefitting greatly from employing autistic and learning disabled people.

Redundancy the Right Way: Best Practices to Follow | Supporters Network Webinar

In light of the pandemic and subsequent economic impacts, the unfortunate reality is that not all businesses or roles within organisations will be able to weather the storm. On the surface, redundancy doesn’t seem to have a place in ‘Good Employment’, but now the ‘furlough’ scheme is ending and the alternative measures may not provide sustainability for all, we understand many employers will be considering redundancies. With this in mind, our last Supporters Network Webinar was on doing redundancy right, and our panel provided insight on good employer considerations, guidelines and practical elements – equipping employers with the necessary tools to do so with good employment in mind.

Health and Wellbeing: Working Adjustments During Covid-19 | Supporters Network Webinar

Employee health and wellbeing needs to be prioritised in an organisation, ensuring that mental health, physical health and general wellbeing are at the top of the agenda. This is especially important due to the changed workplaces, increased uncertainty and volatility we’ve all experienced during Covid-19. Our recent Supporters Network Webinar was on this topic - speakers guided participants through the different facets of employee health and wellbeing, including the practical implementations of these measures.

Providing Support and Employment During Crisis: Impact of Covid-19 | Back on Track

For those of you who might not know us, we’re one of Manchester’s longest standing local charities and were founded in 1977 to work with adults who are going through a process of recovery or rehabilitation. We have a learning centre in Ancoats where we provide training and support to over 700 people each year who experience problems with homelessness, drug and alcohol use, offending, and mental health.

Equalities Reporting: Enacting Positive Action and Change | Supporters Network Webinar

To make specific, measurable and actionable goals when looking at equality within your organisation, you must first understand your starting point. Certain reporting will become mandatory, but going beyond this is necessary to obtain meaningful data, that will give way to positive change. Our last Supporters Network Webinar was on this topic, and speakers discussed how employers can properly monitor, measure and report on equalities.

'Working Together' | Employment Challenges Posed by Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only presented huge health challenges that will continue to ebb and flow over the coming months, but it has also brought economic shocks that are truly unprecedented. These have already led to structural change and the need for greater adaptation and further innovation in many aspects of our lives, not least employment standards.