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Soft skills in hard times: why good people management matters more than ever

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, in partnership with CIPD and Acas, have developed a paper. It discusses the importance, implementation and effect of positive people management skills.

This paper invites employers to explore short and longer-term strategies to enhance the people management skills within their organisation. It also contains several key relevant resources, which will help guide these plans even further.

Mental Health Toolkit Announcement

Mental Health Toolkit Announcement

In collaboration with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is working to promote how to take care of health in the workplace.

The Mental Health Toolkit for Employers includes information and key approaches employers can take to address Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace. This resource is applicable to SMEs and larger firms.

New Members Announced For The Good Employment Charter

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter are delighted to announce four new Members of the Charter, the first of 2021. These employers have gone from ‘Supporters’ to ‘Members’, due to their continued employment excellence, and their demonstration of how deeply embedded good employment is within their organisation.

New Members Announcement

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is proud to announce seven new Members of the Charter. Among other characteristics of good employment, Members of the Charter have inclusive and fair recruitment practices, recognise that “one size fits all” does not work when looking at flexibility of work, offer training and development opportunities which allow employees to grow their skill set, focus on improving health and wellbeing within their organisations, and pay all of their staff the real living wage.

New Members Announced for The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is proud to announce nine new Members of the Charter. These employers have achieved membership status through their commitment to putting good employment into action and being exemplars of employment excellence, even through these challenging times.

When Worlds Collide | The Impact of Coronavirus on Employment

Coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, appears to be closing in. Each day, and from every news outlet, we learn more and more about its spread towards becoming the latest pandemic. And whilst the numbers of confirmed cases in the UK remain low, good employers across Greater Manchester will be making plans to respond to the threat, supporting their employees’ health and safety through good hygiene disciplines and work design to limit potential spread, particularly for those returning from travel overseas.

Supporters' Network Event | Recruitment Through The Ages

Our February Supporters’ Network Event had the theme ‘Recruitment Through the Ages’, focusing specifically on the barriers that people face when entering employment due to their age. To discuss the challenges faced by young workers we invited speakers from Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent, a voluntary youth employment programme which provides support for young people aged 18-25 who are struggling to get into employment, education or training. Then, to explore the difficulties faced by an ageing workforce, speakers from The Centre for Ageing Better and The Greater Manchester Ageing Hub came to speak about providing opportunities for people to excel in employment in later life.

First employers announced as Members of Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

The Membership Tier of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter has launched, having announced the first six employers to become Members. These employers have committed to pay all staff the real living wage, offer flexible working and provide security of work among other commitments outlined in the membership criteria on the seven characteristics of good employment.

Supporters' Network Event | Active Workplaces

Ian MacArthur, Head of the Charter Implementation Unit, opened the Supporters’ Network event on Active Workplaces commenting on how in the last few decades workplaces have come leaps and bounds in terms of health and safety; but now, what’s putting employees’ health in danger has more to do with inactivity and the sedentary lifestyle that comes with modern workplaces. Luckily for those in Greater Manchester, there are organisations such as GreaterSport tackling this very challenge. We invited speakers from GreaterSport, GM Moving, Transport for Greater Manchester, Arup, and GM Walking to share with Supporters the importance of activity in the workplace.