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Embracing the Whole Employee | Fastn

How do employers create family-friendly workplaces? Hana Cornwall, Fastn Trustee, speaks on why creating inclusive workplaces for families is crucial to success. At Fastn, we are on a critical mission for everyone in the UK to benefit from thriving and dependable family relationships and highlight the vital importance of genuinely family-friendly working to all employees and their families: employers have a central role in this. 

Available Support to Employers | Acas

What support is available to employers on behalf of Acas? Jeremy King, Senior Business Manager at Acas explores the fully funded support, resources and events on offer.

A Good Employment Christmas Carol (after Charles Dickens)

Ian MacArthur, Director of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, reflects on the past, present and future of Good Employment - relevant to the changing pandemic scenario.

New Members Announcement

Nine new Supporters are announced as progressing to the Good Employment Charter's Membership tier. Ian MacArthur, Director of The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter shares this news. These employers have reached the Membership tier through their commitment to the Good Employment characteristics, going above and beyond to help lead the employment movement across the region. 

Change – The Only Constant | The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Hear from Ian MacArthur, Director of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

We understood that work in the future would change, but the pace of change since March 2020 has been unprecedented and it has shone a light on some issues that we cannot ignore and need to act on. 

Soft Skills in Hard Times: People Management Event | Supporters Network Event

In October 2021, we held our first in-person event since March 2020, inviting employers to join us in a discussion of the development of people management skills. Prompted by our recent paper, which discusses the importance, implementation and effect of positive people management skills, we held a roundtable event. This event was the culmination of our ongoing campaign with CIPD North, and Acas North West. This blog summarises the key points from the event, and ends with the full livestream recording and a list of relevant resources.

Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace | The Money and Pensions Service

Why is financial wellbeing so important, and how can the Money and Pensions Service help? James Kelly, the Regional Partnership Manager for North West England, explores the fully funded support on offer to employers & employees alike.

The Importance of Employee Voice | Supporters Network Webinar

The pandemic has placed barriers on our typical communication techniques. And, more than ever, has raised the need for an organisational culture where people can voice their concerns, and make a difference. In September, we had a Supporters’ Network Event on employee voice – where we explored ways in which employers can integrate innovative ideas at the touch of a button, utilising virtual techniques of receiving employee feedback.

How Paying the Real Living Wage Leads to a Happier Workforce | Borough Care

What is the real Living Wage and why should you pay it? Borough Care breaks down the real Living Wage and the many benefits it leads to for both employees and employers.