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How Can We Build Menopause-Friendly Workplaces? | CIPD

Guest contributors Claire McCartney and Rachel Suff, Policy Advisors at CIPD, speak about how to make workplaces more menopause-friendly. More organisations are starting to realise that the menopause is an important workplace issue, but there are still too many workplaces where the topic is taboo. This means that too many women continue to suffer in silence while often just a few small changes could transform the quality of their working life. 

Mental Health Awareness: Lessons from a Personal Experience | Coffee Chat

Guest contributor Andy, a participant of our latest Supporter Network Coffee Chat, speaks on his own experiences with mental illness. These last 18 months have certainly been interesting for all of us for many reasons. For some it has meant the loss of income, loss of jobs, a new start, finding ways to cope with change, taking extreme measures, being trapped indoors, worrying about being isolated and coping with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mental Health Awareness: The Importance of Kindness | Mind

Guest contributor Stewart Lucas from Mind speaks on mental health throughout the pandemic, and what people can do to look out for each other. It is fantastic having a high-profile Mental Health Awareness Week, but like a dog being for life and not just for Christmas, we should actually be aware of our and other people's mental health all the time and not just a few days in May. Mental health is still seen largely as someone else’s problem, and that is because we subconsciously stick the word illness after those two words. 

The Future of Flexible Work in the Office: Transitioning to a Hybrid Model | GM Chamber of Commerce

Guest contributor Clive Memmott, Chief Executive at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, speaks on the future of flexible working for office workers. A year ago, many of the perceived efficiency savings that organisations thought would result from remote working were in reality cost-saving opportunities. 12 months on, companies are struggling to manage a dispersed workforce and achieve these efficiencies. 


Responsible Business: Developing Ethical Approaches | Supporters Network Webinar

Many of Greater Manchester’s good employers live and breathe their corporate values. They set out a caring and responsible attitude to their employees and supply chains. Many go further, acknowledging their wider responsibility to the communities around them and the environment – understanding the bottom line of people, planet, and profit. Our last Supporters Network Event explored how organisations can develop their broader corporate responsibilities.

Soft skills in hard times: why good people management matters more than ever

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, in partnership with CIPD and Acas, have developed a paper. It discusses the importance, implementation and effect of positive people management skills.

This paper invites employers to explore short and longer-term strategies to enhance the people management skills within their organisation. It also contains several key relevant resources, which will help guide these plans even further.

Untapped Pools Of Talent: The Disability Employment Gap | Unlimited Potential

Guest contributor Chris Dabbs, Chief Executive at Unlimited Potential, speaks on the disability gap in employment - and the benefits of becoming a more inclusive organisation. As an employer, what would you think to having more staff with focus, different thinking and diligence? If you are interested, please read on… Many employers yearn to find talented people who are productive, committed and loyal. Yet, there are parts of the population that remain little known or untapped by many organisations.

Mental Health Toolkit Announcement

Mental Health Toolkit Announcement

In collaboration with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is working to promote how to take care of health in the workplace.

The Mental Health Toolkit for Employers includes information and key approaches employers can take to address Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace. This resource is applicable to SMEs and larger firms.

The Psychological Impact of Covid-19 | School for CEOs

Guest contributors Gemma and David Sole, Partners at School for CEOs, speak on their recent research into the impact of Covid-19 on business leaders. In April 2020, at the beginning of lockdown, School for CEOs invited our Faculty of over 100 CEOs and Non-Executive leaders to share their insights on leadership through a crisis. Above all, the prevailing piece of advice was the one thing that leaders forget in the melee – to look after themselves.