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Spotlight on Anchor Removals, Small Supporter of the Year

Spotlight on Anchor Removals | Small Supporter of the Year

In this blog we hear from Chris Smallwood, Managing Director, after his recent recognition as Small Supporter of the Year at The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

Making Space to Create | Northern Care Alliance

In todays blog, we hear from the Winners of the Supporting Line Management Award, at the recent Greater Manchester Good Employment Awards.

Guest author Julia Marshall, Group Associate Director of Talent & Organisational Development, shares her thoughts on their recognition and explains how NCA are creating space for change.

How to Support Working Carers | Curo Carers

How can employers support their employees who have unpaid caring responsibilities? In this blog, we hear from Curo Carers - which is an employee wellbeing platform that supports people to juggle work and care. In this post they raise awareness for the growing issue of working carers and outline top tips businesses can implement to improve conditions for both their employees and the organisation.

New Members Announcement

Six new employers are announced for the Good Employment Charter's Membership tier. This news is given by Elise Wilson, Leader of Stockport Council. These have transitioned from Supporter status - through proving their commitment to Good Employment across the seven characteristics of Good Employment. There are now 49 Member organisations, who are leading the way to making Greater Manchester a better place to live, work and play.

Attracting and Retaining Talent | Damar Training

How do Charter employers navigate the challenges, and opportunities, of being a good employer in 2022? In this blog, we hear from Damar Training about prioritising good employment, and how this is a benefit when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Events over the last two years have seen us enter a new world of work: remote/hybrid models, increased use of technology in employee engagement, record numbers of job vacancies and the supposed “Great Resignation”. 

The Importance of Employee Voice | Castlefield and Odd Arts

How do Charter employers prioritise employee voice, within their organisations? We've teamed up with Stribe to hear from Castlefield and Odd Arts about the importance of employee voice to them. Workforce engagement and voice is a crucial aspect of good employment. Employee voice has a central role in improving productivity, in tackling insecurity and in promoting the psychological well-being and job satisfaction of employees.

Men's Health in the Workplace | Seddon Construction

How do employers create workplaces where men's mental health is a conversation? Seddon Construction speak on their policies and initiatives in place to support mental wellbeing. At Seddon, our goal is to create an open culture where employees understand that it is ‘okay not to be okay.’ We recognised early on that working at 70% capacity because you cannot afford to take time off work is not beneficial to anyone’s health or advantageous to Seddon as a business.

Embracing the Whole Employee | Fastn

How do employers create family-friendly workplaces? Hana Cornwall, Fastn Trustee, speaks on why creating inclusive workplaces for families is crucial to success. At Fastn, we are on a critical mission for everyone in the UK to benefit from thriving and dependable family relationships and highlight the vital importance of genuinely family-friendly working to all employees and their families: employers have a central role in this. 

Available Support to Employers | Acas

What support is available to employers on behalf of Acas? Jeremy King, Senior Business Manager at Acas explores the fully funded support, resources and events on offer.