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Stay Content And Carry On: How We’re Dealing With COVID-19 | Making You Content

Guest contributor Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, Director at Making you Content: As an agency that has always embraced flexible working, we were quick to adapt to the 'new normal' even before the official lockdown. The past month hasn’t come without its challenges (and inevitable impact of a huge strain on the economy), but Making You Content has managed to ride the storm so far by keeping true to our values as agile, curious, genuine and capable grafters.

Keeping Power Flowing During a Pandemic | Electricity North West

Guest contributor Rachael Parr, HR Director at Electricity North West: Electricity North West employees have officially been named as key workers and we pride ourselves on being able to keep the power flowing throughout the region, no matter what. We have two priorities: 1. Keeping our colleagues and customers safe. 2 Keeping power flowing for the North West.

Home is where the (real) work is | ACAS

Guest Contributor Susan Clews, Acas Chief Executive: Figures from the ONS show that the number of people working from home doubled between 2008-2018, to 1.5 million. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, we could see numbers soar to unprecedented levels as more people switch to temporary homeworking. Some businesses will be well adapted to homeworking, with the technology and tools in place to easily facilitate it. But there will be many who are, for the first time, navigating around this new way of working. 

Overwhelmed? So are we! | Rowlinson Knitwear

Guest contributor Donald Moore from Rowlinson Knitwear, Member of the Charter: We thought we would share our issues and also some positive messages from our colleagues in these most difficult times. At Rowlinson, and as an employee owned company, we are guided by our values of trust and care and by doing the best right thing. That makes some decisions easier to make for the good of everyone we work with; our colleagues, suppliers and our customers, mainly hundreds of independent retailers.

When Worlds Collide | The Impact of Coronavirus on Employment

Coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, appears to be closing in. Each day, and from every news outlet, we learn more and more about its spread towards becoming the latest pandemic. And whilst the numbers of confirmed cases in the UK remain low, good employers across Greater Manchester will be making plans to respond to the threat, supporting their employees’ health and safety through good hygiene disciplines and work design to limit potential spread, particularly for those returning from travel overseas.

Supporters' Network Event | Recruitment Through The Ages

Our February Supporters’ Network Event had the theme ‘Recruitment Through the Ages’, focusing specifically on the barriers that people face when entering employment due to their age. To discuss the challenges faced by young workers we invited speakers from Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent, a voluntary youth employment programme which provides support for young people aged 18-25 who are struggling to get into employment, education or training. Then, to explore the difficulties faced by an ageing workforce, speakers from The Centre for Ageing Better and The Greater Manchester Ageing Hub came to speak about providing opportunities for people to excel in employment in later life.

First employers announced as Members of Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

The Membership Tier of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter has launched, having announced the first six employers to become Members. These employers have committed to pay all staff the real living wage, offer flexible working and provide security of work among other commitments outlined in the membership criteria on the seven characteristics of good employment.

Supporters' Network Event | Active Workplaces

Ian MacArthur, Head of the Charter Implementation Unit, opened the Supporters’ Network event on Active Workplaces commenting on how in the last few decades workplaces have come leaps and bounds in terms of health and safety; but now, what’s putting employees’ health in danger has more to do with inactivity and the sedentary lifestyle that comes with modern workplaces. Luckily for those in Greater Manchester, there are organisations such as GreaterSport tackling this very challenge. We invited speakers from GreaterSport, GM Moving, Transport for Greater Manchester, Arup, and GM Walking to share with Supporters the importance of activity in the workplace.

Supporters' Network Event | Real Living Wage

“A hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.” This was the simple, yet ground-breaking idea that the Living Wage Campaign was built upon. At the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, we have identified paying or working toward paying the real living wage as a core characteristic of good employment. With this in mind, we partnered with GM Living Wage Campaign to put on a Supporters’ Network event exploring the real living wage. To engage with our Supporters on the significance of paying the real living wage, we invited John Hacking from GM Living Wage Campaign, Chris Smallwood from Anchor Removals, and Martha Crawford from the Living Wage Foundation.