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People Management: Changing Landscape During and Post-Lockdown | Supporters Network Webinar

Excellent people management has been vital to organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, with challenges arising as our workplaces have changed form. In partnership with CIPD, the professional body for experts of people in work, we ran a Supporters’ Network Webinar exploring People Management in different and continually changing circumstances. 

Equality Issues: The BAME Community and Pay Disparities | Supporters Network Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed inequalities, both in and outside of the workplace. Employers need to create plans to tackle this, ensuring that their approaches do not disproportionately affect people, or undo progress made in these areas prior to the pandemic. Our latest Supporters’ Network Webinar focused specifically on the BAME community, key workers and the real living wage, and pay equity among leaders and their workforce.

From Crisis to Opportunity: Redesigning the Workplace | Supporters Network Workshops

Home working has now become the norm for many, with social distancing and lockdown restrictions turning into longer-term measures than initially expected. Active support for flexible ways of working, now and into the future, have never been more important. Recently, we ran our first ever Supporters Network Workshops in partnership with Timewise - an organisation helping businesses to shape working policy and as a result, offer valuable, flexible job opportunities. 

The Real Living Wage: Crucial to Building Back Better | Living Wage Foundation

Guest contributor Daniel Howard, Programme Manager at the Living Wage Foundation: During the Covid-19 pandemic the country’s ‘key workers’ - delivery drivers, care workers, supermarket staff - have been tirelessly working on the front line to keep our country safe, looking after our loved ones and getting food to our tables. Despite the huge contribution these workers make to society, we know that over 1 million key workers are not receiving a real Living Wage.

Home Working | Supporters Network Webinar

Many organisations adopted home working as a rapid response to the crisis, but it is becoming clear that this is now a longer-term situation. Speakers in our recent Supporters’ Network Webinar offered advice on home working, both in terms of employees coping from an ergonomic and mental health perspective, and in terms of effective remote management.

Build Back Better | Supporters Network Webinar

COVID-19 has affected work in all sectors and industries; adjusting the way many people work and highlighting practice that may not translate to a post-lockdown world. Our recent Supporters’ Network Event explored how we can ‘Build Back Better’ following lockdown, using this as an opportunity to ensure that the Good Employment Charter can be used to deliver stronger, fairer working standards for all. 

Employee Health and Wellbeing | Supporters Network Webinar

Our first Supporters’ Network Webinar was on the topic of Health and Wellbeing in the workplace, with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that this has brought to light. Maintaining a healthy and productive workplace is more complex than before, but prioritising the health and wellbeing of staff still needs to be key in Good Employment practice.   

How We're Keeping Bruntwood Together | Bruntwood

Guest contributor Jennifer Atkins, People Director at Bruntwood: Bruntwood had huge plans for 2020 after another successful year. Then Coronavirus hit… something we’d heard snippets about and that a few of us initially dismissed as flu... But in just four weeks we completely changed our way of working, re-shaped colleagues’ lives, and got used to business as “unusual”.

Learning from Home: Further Education in a World of Remote Work | Oldham College

Guest contributor Alun Francis, Principal and CEO of Oldham College: For all the dramas and challenges we have had in the past, nothing could have prepared us for the Covid-19 crisis. We are signed up to the Good Employment Charter, and we take it very seriously. Our priorities as a good employer have been to keep staff and learners safe, keep delivering our service, and help to protect the NHS.